Can a node be created without a link ?

Jun 20, 2012 at 7:23 AM
Edited Jun 20, 2012 at 7:57 AM

Good day.


 i have some problem creating a node itself. it will only appear when i link the node to a link. is there a way i can just draw out the node without the link ? i have follow the tutorial but it didn't work. can anyone help me ? it will display the node if i create the link to the root.currentnode.node. but without the link .. it will not displayed. any idea ? is it a must to have a link inorder to draw the node out ?



 Node testing = CreateNodeFromObject(new Person("testing1", "testing1"));


private Node CreateNodeFromObject(Person meObject)    {       

Node node = new Node();
        // the ID should be unique even out of this application = meObject.getId();
        // the name we want to display on the node       

node.title = meObject.getName();
        //node.title =meObject.getLikeId();       

//**IMPORTANT** This must be declared to allow ICE draw out the Nodes     

  node.type = "latin character";

        // the URL ICE must use to find the ICE data file about this node       

node.url = "http://"        + Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_NAME"]        + ":" + Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_PORT"]        + Request.ServerVariables["URL"]        + "?id=" + Server.UrlEncode(meObject.getId());
        return node;